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math for 2nd grade parents

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K8Parents helps you and your child
Succeed with the Common Core standards

We are bringing cutting edge technology to life that helps parents, teachers and children
succeed with Common Core

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Any parent can learn Common Core math through our simple and intuitive lessons. Our time-saving lessons will give you all the information you need to help your child succeed.

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Quickly find the content you need to know! Our simple interface brings you right to the information you need to help your child, and makes learning effortless.

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Content curated by experts.

We tasked top experts in Common Core to create ground breaking lessons specifically designed for busy parents.

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With all the latest Common Core tools and strategies being taught in schools across the country, don't be frustrated spending hours searching the web for the information you need to help your child.

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Easy to use and a huge help for ANY 2nd grade parent!